Patches – 1996-2014

PatchesIt was spring 1996. Before the Olympics, before the turn of the millennium, before even my twentieth birthday. Three Emory University roommates moved into their first off-campus apartment, and decided it would be good to get a cat. That runt of the litter, given to me by my then-girlfriend (now wife)’s coworker, turned out to be Patches.

Shortly joined by his brother-from-another-cat-mother Mo, Patches was my companion for the next 18+ years. He co-habitated with me longer than anyone else – longer than I lived with my parents, longer than I have lived with my wife! Patches was quite the cat on-the-go, spending time 37 floors in the air in Midtown Atlanta, at the beach in Navarre Beach, FL, and for the past 11.5 years at our condo here in Midtown.

Upside DownGood times or bad, Patches was just – well, he was just always here. Never one to complain (unless someone accidentally stepped on his tail), his primary concerns were…well, not many. He was always very concerned about his next meal, and usually ate as though there may not be one. As long as he was fed, he was a happy, content cat – always generous with affection and appreciation. More often than not, his nights were spent by my side (or on my head) in the bed, where he could always alert me that morning had indeed broken, and breakfast time had indeed arrived.

Along with Mo, Patches’ spirit and what I refer to as a “cat-onality” embodied what this foundation was built on – compassion and generosity. When we decided to build The Mo Foundation, the goal was to reward microgrants to those who have given of themselves to help animals, just like our pets Patches & Mo rewarded us with their love, affection and compassion (and as our surviving cat Mia now does as well).

BrothersIt’s probably only fitting that Patches survived to see the Foundation finally receive its coveted 501(c)(3) status from the IRS only weeks ago. It seems right that the surviving brother lived just long enough to see that the Foundation named in the other’s honor was finally on its way to succeed, flourish, and help as many people (and animals) as possible.

We will miss Patches greatly, as we do Mo. We are glad that he is not in pain or suffering. We will continue on and emulate the compassion and love that they shared with us during their 17 and 18 years, respectively.

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