The Mo Foundation

The Mo Foundation represents the next generation of giving – true Innovative Giving. Traditional brick-and-mortar charities, by necessity, are forced to spend hefty percentages of annual donations on expenses: electricity bills, office admin staff, building leases or mortgages, travel, entertainment, political lobbying and more.

The goal of The Mo Foundation is for 90-100% of every dollar donated to be given directly to a worthy person, group or cause. The innovative nature of the Foundation’s operation as well as the focus on being a web-based project keeps expenses at a bare minimum, thus allowing for as much of every donated dollar as possible to be given away.


Mo – 1996-2013

The Mo Foundation was founded in early 2013 by Claire & Benji Kurtz after the passing of their nearly 17-year-old cat Mo. Having received nearly 17 years of unconditional love, affection and giving from him, Mo’s ‘people’ have chosen to establish The Mo Foundation as a way for Mo to ‘give’ to others who have a track record of helping animals. The Mo Foundation uses a simple yet innovative approach to locate worthy recipients of assistance from Mo.

Utilizing the power of social media, members of the public are encouraged to both follow the stories of those who Mo is helping on an ongoing basis, as well as perhaps submit a nomination for a person, family, group or cause that they believe to be worthy of help and has been a friend to animals over time. Perhaps it’s a friend or neighbor who has served the community for years who has fallen on hard times. Perhaps it’s a local vet doing important research that could help cure a disease. Whoever it may be, nominators have a chance to fill out an online submission form to educate The Mo Foundation about their proposed recipient.

After a careful process, Foundation board members will select recipients of  Mo Help and assist however possible. Nominators also have a chance to leave a message for the Foundation to pass along to recipients explaining why they were nominated – all anonymously. When the assistance is delivered to recipients, they also have a chance to leave a note that the Foundation will then ensure that the nominator receives back in turn.

Say you know a friend or neighbor in need, for example. Many would feel awkward either giving to or receiving a check from someone they know. Using the nomination process via The Mo Foundation allows for that giving to be anonymous, yet still help get assistance to their friend or neighbor – all without the awkwardness of direct giving between parties.

The Mo Foundation is not directed giving. Specifically, The Foundation does not accept donations from public with specific direction of who it should go to. While we certainly welcome all tax-deductible donations, whether the donor has also nominated a recipient or not, only The Foundation will decide to whom and how much is given.

Remember it’s your support that allows Mo to give. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today!